Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has become very choosy these days. The point is not about her showing attitude after the success of her movie ‘Fashion‘, but some issues regarding her boyfriend Adhyayan Suman. Apparently, Kangana will only be sharing screen-space with Adhyayan, because he ain’t getting work by himself.

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According to the latest grapevine, the actress has been asking producers to cast her opposite boyfriend Adhyayan Suman as she feels she shares the best onscreen chemistry with him.

Now that is pretty stupid, according to me. I mean you’re just a newcomer! Showing such tantrums might not be good in the long way. We do understand that the guy is having trouble finding work in the industry… but being a professional actress, you cannot just ask the producers to cast your out-of-work boyfriend, if they come to you.

Fashion was indeed a good movie and Kangana’s role was, in particular, spectacular and she should be making use of every opportunity that comes her way because of that role. A portrayal like that can give your career a big boost.

Kangana’s obnoxious behaviour has made her a laughing stock. Producers, who were queuing up to sign her have deserted after learning of her crazy ‘Adhyayan’ demand and now the hot-babe has hardly any project in hand.

Who didn’t see that coming?

She was recently seen driving into her 22nd birthday celebrations and boy… she looked so gloomy! You can just make out from her face that something’s terribly wrong with this girl. Might be the lack of offers thanks to her gracious sacrifices for Adhyayan.

Some people are also speculating relationship problems between the two. If that’s true… it’s just the icing of the cake!