Meet Poonam Yadav, an Indian singer who was a finalist of the 2007 season of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge reality TV show. Poonam was known for her singing as well as fighting spirit on the show and she’s an inspiration to millions of under-privileged girls in India. See a video and a biography of Poonam Yadav here.

Poonam tried to commit suicide on Saturday afternoon for unknown reasons, in her house in Lucknow. She’s is in hospital right now and her condition is still in danger.

A close friend of Poonam from Lucknow said, “Poonam’s mother said that she complained of a headache after which she consumed her mother’s blood pressure and asthma medicines by mistake. But the doctors said that Poonam consumed a large dose of sleeping pills, which was enough to put her life in danger. It’s not like she consumed one or two sleeping pills. It is a clear case of a suicide attempt.”

While the discussion is not about if it’s a suicide case or not, the real reason behind such an act is still not known. She is from a very poor family, but after her success on the singing show, she’d been doing quite great. Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav had gotten her a job in the Govt. office.

The speculations are rife that she had a relationship with music director Ismail Darbar, who was her mentor on the show. The two were often seen in each other’s company and many people have an opinion that the suicide attempt was because of a failed relationship between the two.

Commenting on the rapport between the two, Ismail said, “Yes, we shared a great rapport and that’s why I was wondering where she had disappeared.”
“Ya Allah! No, I had no idea about any such thing. Aisa kuchh nahin tha. I have always guided her like a daughter.”

However, some friends of Poonam have a different opinion. While one of them says that Ismail and Poonam were spotted together at some festival in Varanasi, others say that Ismail had even bought her a flat in Mumbai and she was very excited to shift over there and start her career as a playback singer.

The real story is yet to be known as Poonam is currently fighting for her life in a hospital In Lucknow.

As a biography, Poonam Yadav was born in 1981 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh so her age is 27. She is from a very underprivileged family and her father had passed away before she was born. She attended Sanskrit Pathshala Kanya Inter College. She used to work for a PCO for Rs.600 per month.

Poonam left Lucknow at the age of 26 to participate in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 and came to Mumbai. She was widely applauded for her voice on the show and attained fourth place in the finals. TV actress Smriti Irani was, in particular, a big fan of her singing.

Lalu Yadav gave her a job in the Railways after the show. She also has a seven-year old adopted daughter.