Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is planning to open her own restaurant in Mumbai. Katrina is currently on the lookout for a partner in the food business, as she observes that she won’t be able to give her full time for the operations of the restaurant.

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“I want to open a restaurant in partnership. I am on the lookout for a business partner. I don’t have the time to handle the day-to-day nitty-gritty of the business though I do intend being there as much as possible.

My partner would have to be someone who has experience in the restaurant business and will be able to give his time as I am a novice in this field. Hopefully, I should clinch a deal soon.”

Katrina has also some ideas in her mind about the cuisine and the comfortability of the customers. She says that the restaurant will be a combination of a coffee house, a lounge and a full-fledged food joint serving international cuisine to the high-end customers.

She is also very particular about the comfortability of the people as she wants the restaurant to be a good meeting and hanging out point, besides being a place to have food.

“There will be several comfortable couches and chairs to sit on and read books and stuff and the perfect place to go, get work done and then relax over several coffees or drinks.”

The actress is very keen on this one and will be announcing a partnership as soon as she finds the proper person related to the restaurant business.

Meanwhile, Katrina recently distributed Rs.5 lakhs among the crew members of her latest movie ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Katha‘. The movie has just been finished and Katrina was very happy with the work that all of them had done on the movie.

She just went into her vanity van and came out with lugs of cash. The money was then given to the technicians, spot boys, make-up artists and others.