Hollywood actress Julia Roberts recently appeared on Late Night Show With David Letterman for a special appearance ahead of the release of her new movie Duplicity. Roberts and Letterman talked about parenthood and the movie, which marks Roberts’ comeback after almost five years.

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Letterman showed some footage of his son Harry and told Roberts of fatherhood, “if you want to get spiritual about it, why doesn’t that feeling, that everyone on the planet has, transcend to keep us from killing one another?”

Julia is now a proud mother of three children. She had decided to give the movie offers a slip to raise family. Her husband Danny Moder and the whole family kept a very low profile all along, while other celebrity super-couples were working in the showbiz and raising/adopting children at the same time. Now, that she thinks the kids are old enough (three year olds), she is making a comeback with this movie Duplicity, starring her and Clive Owen.

The movie is about a couple of corporate spies who try to pull off an ‘ultimate con job’ for their bosses. It’s directed by Tony Gilroy and will be released in the States on 20th March. A lot of people are speculating whether Roberts would be able to serenade the viewers with her old charming self or will she be a super-flop like Meg Ryan’s comeback a year ago.

At least she looks like the same beautiful lady!

“At 41, she is almost (miraculously) wrinkle-free, as if age and gravity have decided just to skip this one person. The skin is tawny, the hair blondish for the moment, the only seeming minute flaw an infinitesimally small mole under one eye — only really apparent on a 20-foot screen.”

Julia is currently working on the only movie project in her lap, Friday Night Knitting Club, a movie about a bunch of women who meet up every Friday to discuss usual things at a New York knitting shop.

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Photos: HRC/WENN.com