Meet Preetika, an Indian movie actress who is making her mark in Kollywood and is one of the hottest actresses in the Tamil movie industry. Preetika is a relative newcomer but is already a household name. See a biography of Preetika here.

Preetika is playing the lead role in Arya’s new movie Chikku Bukku. The movie is being directed by Manikandan. This is Preetika’s first movie and she’s really excited about it.

“When director Manikandan narrated the script of Chikku Bhukku, I fell in love with my character Meenab, a traditional, homely girl. I could relate to the character. We shot in Karaikudi in a huge Chettiar mansion.”

As a biography, Preetika, or Preeti Rao, is 22 years old. She is the sister of popular Bollywood actress Amrita Rao and attended Sophia College from where she graduated in Arts and Mass Communication. She then worked in a south Indian movie magazine and a newspaper as a gossip columnist.

Preetika was recommended by her editor to the director. She passed the screen test very comfortably and was chosen for the lead role. She tells us about her co-actor Arya:

“Arya is a chilled out guy and I call him guruji, as he became my mentor on the sets. After I saw Naan Kadavul in a theatre in Karaikudi, I became a fan of his and feel he is a superb actor. I’m glad that my first film is with Arya who has a huge fan base among the youth.”

Preetika is currently working on a a Kannada film Rakthaksha, being directed by Rajendra Singh Babu. Being flooded by offers from Tamil, Telugu movie industries and even Bollywood… future seems perfect for her.