Meet Ayesha Dharker, an Indian born British actress who is famous for her roles in both Hollywood and South Indian movies. Ayesha is also playing a popular character in the British TV serial Coronation Street. See photos, video and a biography of Ayesha Dharker here.

Ayesha Dharker

Dharker has now taken the role of Tara Mandal in Coronation Street. She was also applauded for her role in the recent movie Outsourced.

“I have worked all over the place, but more by virtue of having worked a long time and wanting to try new things. I have never really planned it that way, but I started out wanting to work on projects that were not totally commercial. I think the minute you define yourself as anything, you find that you are limiting yourself, so as an actor, I would never say I am looking for anything specific, except interesting characters and good scripts.”

As a biography, Ayesha Dharker was born in 1977 in India so her age is 31. She is the daughter of Imtiaz Dharker, a noted poet and documentary film-maker.

Ayesha made her debut in the 1989 Francois Villier film Manika: Une vie plus tard and then went on to do good roles in Fench and Indian movies. She is a star in the British TV arena appearing in shows like Cutting It, Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee and Silver Street. She also appeared in one episode of BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who.

Dharkar is also a movie actress. She earned laurels for her work in the 1999 movie The Terrorist. She got the Best Actress award in Indian National Film Awards and earned the Best Artistic Contribution by an Actress award in the Cairo Film Festival.

She also portrayed the character of Queen Jamilla in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002).

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