The next Bollywood movie which runs on the unique lines of an intelligent sense of humor is Sooni Taraporevala’s Little Zizou. The movie is a fast-paced ‘fundamentalist’ film based on two Parsi families in Mumbai. Little Zizou is quite entertaining and makes up a good bundle of comedy and human emotions.

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“It is a humorous, lighthearted film which deals with issues arising out of conflicts from a Parsi perspective. It has elements of football and a boy who believes that his dead mother will come back and bring French footballer Zinedine Zidane with her. It’s about love and kids battling for mother’s love.”

The story is told by a eleven year old boy Xerxes, played by Taraporevala’s son Jahan Battivala. His life-long wish is to see his favourite footballer Zinedine Zidane visiting his city, Mumbai. He has an older brother, Ataxerxes, played by Imaad Shah, who is a painter and wants his fantasies to come to life, which does happens in very strange ways.

The movie also stars Boman Irani, Sohrab Ardeshir, Shernaz Patel, Zenobia Shroff and John Abraham in a cameo. John is a metal sculptor in the movie and his role is in no way related to soccer. He acted in the movie as he’s a big fan of Taraporewala, who is famous for being the scriptwriter for Mira Nayar’s superhit movie The Namesake.

Taraporewala will debut as a director in Little Zizou. She has already won the Best Director award in the New York film festival for the movie.

“The film is about faith, hope and love. It is about following one’s dreams, however crazy they may be. The film conveys that love can triumph over intolerance and hatred.”

Check out Little Zizou trailer below: