Meet Susheela Raman, a Britain-based Indian musician who excels in the Tamil classical music. Susheela has been nominated for BBC World Music Awards and has a huge European fan following. See photos, video and a biography of Susheela Raman here.

Susheela Raman

Susheela is one of the most famous names in the west for her classical Indian fusion music. Especially after the recent success of Slumdog Millionaire and it’s Indian-themed music, she has finally come out of the closet. She has been featured in the new Putumayo release: India: A Cultural Journey along with AR Rahman, Niraj Chag, Deepak Ram and others.

Susheela Raman borrows from Latin sounds to enrich her beautiful ballad “Nagumomo.”

As a biography, Susheela Raman was born in 1973 in London so her age is 35. Her parents are from Tamil Nadu who migrated to UK in the 60s. When she was four, they moved to Australia and Susheela started singing classical Tamil music in Sydney to keep her culture alive.

She started her own band over there and describes it as a combination of funk, rock n roll and jazz. She is now researching carnatic music and has traveled to India in 1995.

Raman returned to UK in 1997 and worked with producer Sam Mills, who’s had experience working with Indian musicians before and he believed in building cultural differences with music. Her debut album Salt Rain got released in 2001 and went gold in France and got nominated for Mercury Music Prize in UK. She also got the BBC Best Newcomer award.

She later released three albums: Love Trap, Music for Crocodiles and 33 1/3. Her music has been featured in the much-acclaimed Mira Nayar movie Namesake. She again got nominated for the BBC award and was the subject of a French-German documentary Indian Journey, directed by Mark Kidel. Check out her official website here.

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