Last year’s fresh face Sonam Kapoor has started appearing on glamour magazines regularly now. After Vogue, she now appears on the March edition of Marie Claire in a style! Described as the new ‘Golden Girl’ of Indian cinema, Sonam is certainly getting appreciation from all corners.

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Sonam’s Marie Claire cover is a right mix of trendy attire and attitude. She is looking very exotic and has a charming confident look in her eyes. Like those, looking to climb to the top as soon as possible, despite making a late entry.

Sonam Kapoor is seen wearing a silk-wool moire-wrapped caban, net cotton long sleeve knit top, obi belt and a Comic strip necklace all made by luxury brand Louis Vuitton. In the special issue Sonam Kapoor talks about growing up and her days filled with Chicken rolls at Jugheads, burji-pao near Cooper hospital and pani-puri at Elco.

The daughter of Slumdog Millionaire fame veteran Indian actor Anil Kapoor, Sonam has come out of the luxury she’s lived in all those years and has endured a lot of hard work in the past two years to make a mark in the fiercely competitive industry.

Her recent movie Delhi 6 is enjoying a comfortable run and Sonam, in particular, has been appreciated for her performance by the viewers and critics in same rhythm.

She recently talked about her character in the movie:

“It’s the middle-class girl Bittu in Delhi 6 who is just like me-full of pranks, down-to-earth and a rebel. I can’t be so quiet, goody-goody and eternally waiting for my uncertain lover like Safina in Sawaariya.”

Photos: MarieClaire