Bollywood starlet Shilpa Shetty will be hosting a pre-holi bash for all the team members of the Rajasthan Royals cricket team of IPL. Shetty has a 12% stake in the franchise and is also the face of the team.

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Will the guests play the Holi with colours?

No. Shilpa says there won’t be any playing with colours but there certainly would be a lot of bhang (hemp) to get high.

Shilpa is planning to get acquainted with the team members and also wants to boost their morales ahead of the next season of IPL which starts on April 10th. The Royals are the current champions and will look forward to cement their ranking as the number one T20 team in the league.

The party will be held at Grand Hyatt hotel in Mumbai and will be attended by most of the members. Shilpa will also be shooting a music video for the team’s promotion.

Meanwhile, Shilpa recently launched a chain of spas in the country. At the launch ceremony, she talked to the reporters and said that it was her childhood dream to be a beautician and she’s very happy to see it getting fulfilled now.

“My dad was a businessman. I always knew that while I would be a bad businesswoman, I could run a salon very well… I have known Kiran for seventeen years since we are family friends. I used to give her all these ideas of services that she should have in her spa from my travels. And now, we have become partners in this venture. As Iosis Medispa celebrates its birthday, Kiran and I have become mothers,” she laughs.

Shilpa already has her own perfume and cosmetics brand based in Britain.