King of pop Michael Jackson will stage his grand comeback show in the O2 arena, London in July. The posters are out and Jackson is making a special announcement at the venue regarding his return to the stage for an official tour after nearly eleven years.

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Hours before the announcement, posters appeared in London Underground stations trumpeting “Michael Jackson: This is It — 10 shows, July ’09, The O2 Arena,” according to the BBC.

So, he will be performing 10 night shows and will try to keep the 20,000 capacity arena filled up at every one of those. He tried singing ‘We Are The World’ during the 2006 World Music Awards, but with little success as he had to switch singers in the middle.

Jackson had virtually vanished from the public since his infamous trial four years ago. Reports suggest that he is close to getting his first comeback album released with the help of Kanye West. He is also in the middle of a lawsuit against his Thriller album video director John Landis as he’s not been given the share of the profits of the sales for the past four years.

Many people claim that the 50-year old singer will not be able to perform again on the stage but he has passed all the tests and thousands of fans and media are currently waiting for him in the arena for his appearance.

Michael is in deep financial troubles after virtually no music sales profits and the payment of over $23 million to the family of the boy, he was alleged to have molested at his Neverland ranch. He will, however, recover much of the debt and other costs after the comeback tour.

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