Sonal Kapoor might not be very old in the industry but the girl is surely enjoying her stay, especially after the release of Delhi 6. Sonam recently got a custom-made gown by famous fashion house Chanel, to be worn on the Filmfare day.

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“I just kept staring at the beautiful basic but simple white gown that they sent me. Yes, I think I’m the first Indian celebrity to be dressed by Chanel in Bollywood. I’m so excited. I felt like Cinderella before the ball. Never before have I been so excited about dressing up for an event,” said Sonam, who attended the award function Saturday.

Ya… that’s right, she is the first lady to be dressed by the famous brand. I wonder if the Kareenas and the Bipashas of this world are hearing that.

It is said that it happened after her recent photo shoots for magazines like Verve and Elle.

“That’s right. My off-shoulder gown came from their special-celebrity collection,” said Sonam who loves dressing up in light shades and avoids accessories.

Sonam is currently enjoying the success of her movie Delhi 6. Although, the critics blasted the movie for abrupt storyline and a stupid ending, Sonam was applauded widely for her beautiful performance in the movie.

Meanwhile, the actress appeared on the reality show ‘Oye! It’s Friday!’ recently with Prasoon Joshi & Anoushka Shankar. They had a really nice time on the set and danced around on the hit song ‘Masakali’.