Actress Sushmita Sen seems to be very upset with Shah Rukh these days. She was talking to the reporters on the Filmfare night and told them that she didn’t care if SRK is hosting the show or not.

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“We won’t miss Shah Rukh and Saif. We don’t look back, we look forward,” said Sushmita Sen when asked about the hosts.

Now, this is a very controversial statement which has led to a frenzy of rumours in the industry. Although, some of them are true, we tried to find the real cause of this on-going cold war between the two.

Apparently, Sushmita’s latest movie Dulha Mil Gaya, which is also the directorial debut of her good friend Muddasar Aziz, got delayed by a very long time because SRK wasn’t giving any dates to shoot the little scenes he has in the movie. He too was annoyed by producer Vivek Vaswani who was promoting the movie in his name.

Sush, obviously, didn’t care about his problems and is banking upon this one movie only since past year. Then she’s got other problems going on as well.

Her latest release with ex-boyfriend Randeep Hooda is being marketed as a sleazy movie.

“My problem is that the makers of Karma Aur Holi are promoting the film by sending out sleazy stories. This is not done. This is not the way to promote a film. These obnoxious strategies of promoting a film are simply unethical”.