Casey and Jamie

Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn‘s boyfriend and expectant father Casey Aldridge was a popular joker and prankster in high school, his former teachers and schoolmates told People.

“If there was a prank, he was involved,” says the classmate. “Things like sending around a note in class for everyone to cough at [the same time].”

Casey recently shot to fame when her girlfriend Jamie Lynn, 16, Britney’s younger sister, admitted to Ok! magazine that she’s pregnant. The news caused a lot of furore over teen-pregnancy in US.

Jamie decided to keep the baby and now.. Casey is all set to become dad at 19!

The handsome guy, at 6’1″ and 165 lbs, has got a charismatic personality and despite being naughty in school, those who know him, say, he’d be a great father.

“If he decides he’s going to be a great father, he will do whatever it takes to do a good job, whether that means working construction to support the baby, or reading books about how to change diapers.”

Casey has been close to the Spears family, as a hometown boy dating youngest daughter Jamie Lynn.

“He took amazing care of Jamie Lynn. Anything ever went wrong, he always comforted her. He took care of her,” a source inside the family said.

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