rakhi sawant

Busty star Rakhi Sawant seems to have taken her participation on the hit dance show Nach Baliye rather too seriously!

I’ve heard that she cried after her pairing with Abhishek Awasthi was beaten by Aamir and Sanjeeda in the finals held yesterday.

Rakhi could not stop the tears. The next day, she remained in low spirits, and preferred not to talk.

Immediately after losing, the pair had taken it to the greenroom and didn’t come out to even collect their runner-up trophy when chief guest Salman Khan announced their names.

What the hell! They are even blaming the Star TV network, which broadcasted the show for manipulating the results!

Rakhi and I do not want to work with Star any more. We are emotionally hurt. The result was manipulated. We had a feeling that they were using Rakhi only to increase TRPs. Finally, they have done what they wanted to do. Everything was decided in advance.” Said Abhishek.

And despite all the controversy, the winning couple are quite busy accepting congratulatory calls. After the show got over, they were all praise for Rakhi’s performance and said it is understandable what she’s doing.

We have been watching this show for two years, and we know that making it to the finals itself is a big thing. It’s a competition, one has to lose and the other has to win.

Well, Rakhi’s shock on losing should not come as a surprise, as the girl fasted, held Ganpati images in her hands and even removed her silicon implants for the show!

What a dedication!

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