I know a lot of people who were looking forward to the release of Delhi 6 very eagerly. Partly, because it is very much related to the heart of the country. But the fact is that Delhi 6 is not that good as you might have expected, but ya… you can watch it once.

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Delhi 6 is the story of a guy who comes to India from the United States with his ailing grandmother who wants to spend her last days in her native country. Now, that being the reason, Roshan (Abhishek) comes to experience the life in India in the Chandani Chowk area, post code 6.

Events unfold as he lives in the midst of a variety of characters like a moneylender, two warring brothers, a girl-next-door who wants to enter into the ‘Indian Idol’ show and some family friends.

The story is basically a mix several parallel ones and director Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra has done a good job in maintaining the flow of the movie. However, the problem comes when he tries to merge them and that’s where the screenplay goes wrong.

On the acting front, everyone looks good except Abhishek’s fake American accent. Now, this guy can’t speak that dialect and shouldn’t try to do that also. Sonam Kapoor is looking very good in the role of a middle-class Indian girl and will benefit from her role in the movie.

The music of the movie has already been quite good on the charts and is a very string aspect of Delhi 6. Some songs have surpassed the hype of the movie itself, all thanks to Pritam Da.

All in all, Delhi 6 is an average movie with a different storyline. Different in the sense that it is not a stereotypical masala movie and has elements of RDB in it.

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