A new MMS case came into the light today when Tanya, a 23-year old MBA student from a local Noida B-school, was featured in a widely-distributed MMS video performing a tease for her boyfriend. The tape, being called Noida MMS scandal video, has now become a national issue.

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The video, showing the lady stripping to background music, was distributed by her boyfriend because she said no to a marriage proposal by the guy. He even hacked into her e-mail account and sent the video to her contacts including close friends and family.

“We’ve not received any complaint from the girl or her family or from the college,” says A.K. Tripathi, Noida’s superintendent of police (city). “But we, on our part, are investigating the matter. I’ve instructed the officer concerned to give me all the details about any developments in the case.”

The brother of the victim has now filed a written complaint with the National Commission for Women (NCW) saying that apart from defaming his sister with the act, the boy and his family also threatened the girl to refrain from going to the law.

A national news channel interviewed the girl and this is what she had to say about the incident:

“My father did not say yes (to the marriage proposal) but insisted that we complete our studies first. Later, the boy became increasingly insecure about me. Then he insisted I marry him,” the girl is said to have told the channel.

The MMS video is circulating on the internet and is believed to be a big hit after the DPS MMS scandal five years ago.

Check out ‘MMS’ video:

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