Meet Rohan Antao, a Mumbai-based marketing executive who is said to be married to Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto. Antao and Freida had a secret marriage in Goa in December 2007 and Freida has now dumped him in the pursuit of a successful movie career.

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Antao is now quite heartbroken as Freida dumped him so that she could be single as it would help her in her budding movie career post Slumdog‘s success. She now has plans to relocate to New York to be a Hollywood actress.

Although everyone agrees Freida was engaged to Rohan, the question of a possible wedding is lurking around the corner with recent revelations.

“Rohan and Freida were extremely close and have several common friends. Both are 24 years old and were deeply in love with each other. They had decided that they would get married
in Goa, which is Rohan’s hometown. They had booked a hotel for the wedding. Freida had given the designer just five days to make her gown as the wedding had to take place in late December 2007. Once the gown was almost ready, Freida also had a dress trial to which Rohan had accompanied her.”

While Freida is unavailable for comments, sources say that Rohan was shocked when she dumped him after her success and is not the kind who would go furious all out in public. He changed his relationship status from ‘engaged’ to ‘single’ earlier this month.

Her Indian agent, Meenakshi Gehani, said: “We do not want to comment on this matter. However, if she is married then whoever is claiming it should produce a marriage certificate.”

The story seems to be developing into a big controversy now.