Shah Rukh Khan’s first release of 2009, Billu Barber, is expected to be a super-hit and the amount of hype the movie has built up is phenomenal. Of course, being a SRK movie it has certain advantages over others. The actor is leaving no stone unturned in the run-up to the big release on February 13th.

Billu Barber 6

We hear that SRK has invited close to 400 barbers across Maharashtra and their families for the premiere! Now, that’s a nice marketing strategy. Of course, the invitees are very happy and looking forward to the grand premiere.

“Instead of having celebs over for the premiere of Billu Barber, Shah Rukh has planned to invite 400 barbers and their families to the premiere. His idea is to welcome barbers for the premiere on February 12, as the film revolves around Irrfan Khan, who plays a barber. Things are just getting organ.ised for the première and the office is also in talks with the barbers’ association to get everything sorted for the big day,” director Priyadarshan says.

Billu Barber 2

Billu Barber is the story of two friends, much like on the lines of mythical Krishna and Sudama. It will be a big milestone for Irrfan Khan‘s career as it’s his biggest role so far. In reality, Irrfan is playing the lead of one of the biggest movies, in which even SRK is a supporting actor.

Eros International is the official distributor of the movie and they are certainly looking towards a busy day after the flops of Drona and Yuvvraaj. Check out our exclusive collection of Billu Barber photos and video below.

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Photos: Eros International