Aishwarya Rai looked amazingly hot in a a sexy black cleavage-baring evening gown during the world premiere of her new international movie Pink Panther 2. This was certainly a special occasion for all Aish fans, as the lady is not known for showing so much of cleavage in social functions.

The premier was held at the Ziegfeld Theater.

Aishwarya Rai 5

“Steve Martin is an institution; I’ve watched his cinema growing up, and all the actors on board.”

Aish was accompanied by husband Abhishek Bachchan who was sporting his Delhi 6 look featuring very short hair. The movie will be released on February 6th.

Abhishek will be turning 33 tomorrow. He is currently enjoying the stay in Big Apple thanks to his wife’s enormous global fame. Pink Panther 2 is basically a Steve Martin movie but will also feature the beauty queen in the character of a detective. Although, her role is very small in the movie, it is very important.

“We have a series of premieres lined up beginning with the one in New York on February 3. From there, it’s a crazy whirlwind trip that will take me to several countries and continents from Paris to Berlin to Moscow to Madrid. Abhishek is with me in New York. But he won’t be able to accompany me for my other premieres because he has to be in India for the promotion of Delhi 6.”

Check out more pictures and a video of Aishwarya Rai Pink Panther premiere below:

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