Deepika Padukone has been making a lot of splash in the industry since she has entered the tinsel town a year ago. Padukone will next be seen in Shah Rukh’s new movie Billu Barber and guess what… she’s done an item song in the movie, wearing a bikini!

That’s certainly a first for her but we hope to see more of her in the future. You can see the Padukone bikini video after the jump.

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Padukone’s scanty attire in the item song is a deep(ika) departure from the ethnic dresses that she wore in her debut film Om Shanti Om, playing a Bollywood diva of the 1980s.

Billu Barber is a story of two friends who grow up in a village together. While one of them becomes a movie superstar, the other one becomes a barber. The adventure begins when the first one comes to the same village to shoot for a movie.

Meanwhile, Deepika was recently ignored by Akshay Kumar for his new project ‘Come On Pappu‘. He instead signed up Sonam Kapoor for the movie being directed by Rohit Dhawan. Reports say that the decision was taken because of the performance of CC2C, but I doubt that.

It’s not necessary that Akshay should take Deepika in all his movies. Besides, Sonam has done a pretty good job in Delhi 6.

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