Shahid Kapoor is generally not known for his love for bikes. May be because he doesn’t like to flash his possessions in the public. He recently got a new addition to his collection.

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The sports bike has an engine capacity of 1670cc and a very high torque speed, costing almost Rs.15 lakhs. Shahid had to take permission from his parents before buying it and also promised them that he will rife it safely. Now that’s an obedient boy!

It is said that Shahid doesn’t like anything bright, flashy and over the top but rather classy, understated and subtle stuff. Hence, he chose black colour for his bike. He is very possessive about it and insists on cleaning it himself. He has been biking a lot these days especially at nights and also while going for his shoots.

During the shooting of Ishq Vishk, Shahid used to go on long rides with friend Ahmed Khan along the Western Express.

Meanwhile, Shahid has been signed up by music systems brand Pioneer to be their brand ambassador. The company says that he symbolizes music and youth, and is the perfect person to showcase the products aimed towards music-loving youngsters.

He is also said to have received a huge amount of money for the endorsement deal.