Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor was the latest celebrity to appear on Farhan Akhtar’s show Oye! Its Friday! with his dad Rishi Kapoor. He changed the chairs with the host for this one time to interview Farhan about his upcoming release Luck By Chance.

Actress Isha Shravani was also present. She performed with her dance troupe in the end.

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Ranbir bared his soul for the first time on TV about his relationships and his crushes.

“Ranbir confesses that as a teenager, he had a huge crush on Madhuri and that he even had posters of her in his cupboard. He talks about the time when he finally got to meet her on the sets of `PremGranth` only to find his father romancing Madhuri in the film,” the source said.

The fans will also get to know the exclusive chemistry between the father-son duo who have taken the industry by storm. The episode will be broadcasted on NDTV Imagine on Friday night 10pm.