Akshay Kumar is a big fan of fitness and strength sports. He recently adopted six national level wrestlers from the state, who don’t have a good financial background. He had committed earlier about the decision.

The 10th All India Wrestling Championship opens in Mumbai on February 1st.

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“Last year, when Akshay attended the programme, he had publicly expressed a desire to adopt a few wrestlers to encourage more to take up the ancient Indian sport. We are happy that he has honoured the commitment,” Sanjay Nirupam told reporters.

The wrestlers, Bipin Varma, Ajay Yadav, Kallu Yadav, Gopal Yadav (all from Mumbai), Amol Patil (Jalgaon) and Ranjeet Nalawade (Kolhapur), were introduced to the actor on Tuesday evening. His adoption means that he’ll support the costs of their diet for the next five years.

“Akshay’s sponsorship will go a long way in helping these six wrestlers confidently tackle domestic and international challenges, including the next Olympics – our prime target,” Nirupam explained.

The event, which also features women wrestlers, will be held at the Andheri Sports Complex.

Photos: wenn.com