Shilpa Shetty musical cancelled

Shilpa Shetty’s musical ‘Miss Bollywood’ has been canceled again – because she has taken ill.

After failing to receive any financial backing from London’s West End, the 32-year-old was forced to open her musical in Germany.

Tour organizer Farhath Hussain says, “Shilpa has been ill all week and on a course of antibiotics. She needs to take a rest.”

The show, scripted by the Bollywood screenwriter Niranjan Iyengar, blatantly exploits Shetty’s Celebrity Big Brother ordeal. Now playing in Cardiff, Wales, it has been plagued by setbacks including frequent costume malfunctions and poor ticket sales.

I wonder what more might be in future for the stunning actress, after hitting all the wrong notes with the recent controversies involving her lip-lock with Richard Gere. British public might be sympathetic with her after the ‘Jade Goody Episode’ but ‘Big Brother’ is surely keeping an eye on her moves that were slammed by the people reportedly annoyed by the number of Bollywood songs in the show.

And now lead star Shilpa is down with some mystery illness, consequently failing to show-up at Friday’s performance, she should better concentrate on her performance rather than cash on her curvy body.