Former beauty queen Sushmita Sen has been roped in by two Pakistani producers to play charismatic former Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto in an upcoming movie based on her life.

Sushmita Sen 1

“Yes, I am keen to play the role. The producers are waiting for a clearance from the Pakistan Peoples Party (Bhutto’s party). Once we get the go-ahead, we will start the movie,” Sushmita had earlier told reporters.

The actress is presently learning the Urdu language and researching on Bhutto’s life to know about the character. She is also busy watching a lot of footages including Bhutto’s speeches and her political rallies.

The movie will be made in two languages, English and Urdu, say the producers Zaid Aziz and Henna Rai of Karachi production firm Vox Vision and Leicester-based Sum Films. It will be shot extensively in Britain, US and Dubai, apart from Pakistan.

Benazir was a very popular democratic leader, who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan after her father was assassinated and military rule was imposed in the country. She always hated the military rulers and fought hard from exile to bring back democracy in the country. She was assassinated on December 27th in 2007 during an open-car procession. Her husband Asif Ali Zardari is the current President of Pakistan.