A small-town girl from Maharashtra, Vaishali Made, was adjudged the winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009 after receiving almost 4 lakh votes in the final round. She beat Sayli Panse for the top place. Vaishali will now be seen in the Hindi version of the show.

“At one point of time, after I had been rejected in the first edition of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ (Marathi), I told myself that there was no point in continuing with this. I wanted to give up and go back to my village. But my husband was a driving force. He told me to hold on and try again. And so I tried in the second edition (Marathi). Who would have thought I would win,” she said minutes after her victory.

It is commendable that after being rejected three times in the previous editions of the TV show, Vaishali kept trying and finally made it through the challenge.

Her voice had made the entire nation wanting for more. She came from a small village in the countryside and won almost 19 lakh votes during the course of the show. She will take home a car and Rs. 50 lakhs as the top prize.

“As a city, Mumbai has given me what I dreamt of. If it wasn’t for this city, I would be stuck in Amravati doing small shows and entertaining people.”

Update: I just found out that Akshay Kumar was present at the show to present the award to Vaishali. Even Zee TV chairman Subhash Chandra was there. It certainly makes Vaishali’s win a big event. I’m really happy for her.