While Salman’s father Salim Khan claimed in a recent interview that his son is married to long-time girlfriend Katrina Kaif, the latest statements from the lady herself deny the whole issue. Kaif has asked the newspaper, carrying Salim’s interview, to apologize for ‘misquoting’ him on the marriage fiasco.

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“The reporter has translated my comment into Marathi saying that Salman was married to Katrina,” Salim said adding he was misquoted by the newspaper. “The Marathi word “jar” (if) was missing in the operative sentence, which wrongly gave the impression that the two are married, ” a senior journalist with the newspaper, who did not want to be named, said adding it was a “printing mistake”.

Now that is interesting!

The biggest news of a Bollywood marriage turns out to be a ‘printing mistake’! For a moment people were excited that how can a guy like Salman marry someone! Even though she’s the hottest thing around.

Obviously, the newspaper is declining the controversy now. I guess I heard recently Katrina and Salman are having some relationship problems because of the different speeds of their career.

Anyways, we’ll have to wait for some time for that ‘dream’ wedding, if it’s on the cards.

Photos: wenn.com