Bollywood actress Freida Pinto is on the top of the world right now. After the phenomenal success of Slumdog Millionaire, Pinto has suddenly arrived on the world stage. Now she’s blogging about her experience. You can check out her blog here.

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“They say that a moment can change your life. Well, mine sure did in that one instant when I came on board the team of Slumdog Millionaire. Working with Danny Boyle has probably taught me what 10 acting schools couldn’t have in a lifetime. Each day while we were shooting, I’d stumble across something new, I’d learn something that I didn’t know before.”

Freida has been showered with a lot of offers from various producers. We hear that she recently turned down an offer to work with a Bollywood producer. Apparently, the girl was asked to strip for a scene and she simply refused.

Anyways, the former ‘struggling model’ now has become very choosy about the roles. And why not? She stood with Shahrukh on the biggest stage in Hollywood for her debut movie! She has also been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in BAFTA Awards 2009.

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