Action star Suneil Shetty sustained a minor chest injury while shooting for Priyadarshan’s De Dana Dan recently. He was doing an underwater scene when the mishap happened.

“In water your body just floats. I don’t know what hit me down there. But I felt something hit my chest. When I came out of the water I couldn’t move my left arm. I couldn’t breathe. For the next six weeks I was prescribed complete bed rest. Any movement would and did cause a spasm of pain in my chest,” says Shetty.

He also says that while the injury is not that painful, the only thing he will be missing on are his workouts. He has never stopped going to a gym in the past 10 years and has always been in a very good shape. Suneil has now started to put on some weight and is worried about it.

“I haven’t become fat or flabby. But I’ve put on weight. That really worries me because I’ve never put on an ounce before. I’m still not allowed to work out.”

Meanwhile, Ford India has named Suneil as the brand ambassador for their SUV brand Endeavour. The initial contract is for one year and the campaign will start rolling out from January 23rd.