Bollywood actress Kajol still enjoys the same status that she used to back in the 90s, at least she thinks so! We hear that the lady is now asking for a more prominent role in Karan Johar’s new movie ‘My Name Is Khan‘, which is being shot in Los Angeles these days.


An insider said, “Kajol has realised that she does not have too much to do in the film since the film completely revolves around Shah Rukh. Sensing Kajol’s turmoil, Tanuja asked Kajol to convince Karan to give her dialogue which will leave a more lasting impression.”

So, apparently Kajol’s mom is behind the demand. I guess she wants to bring her daughter’s career back on track after she took a long break post her marriage to Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan.

Anyways, this is certainly in a bad light as Kajol and Karan are known to be best friends. The guy is pretty surprised and is yet to take a decision on the matter. Most probably, Kajol will get her demands met. This is how it works in Bollywood, right??