After the release of Nishabd, Jiah Khan made a first impression of an open and glamourous girl in Bollywood. She sailed through the successes and some disappointments after turning to acting from modeling. Now, that she is ‘the girl’ in the town after the huge success of Ghajini, won’t she be appearing in a bikini on the screen, as the trend is?


“You know surprisingly I come from a strict Muslim family. So I have to ask my mom for permission ten times before I say ‘Yes’.”

My guess would be that filmmakers will endure through her mom to get her in a bikini. Jiah has a fabulous figure and she will definitely make a good shot.

Anyways, Jiah appeared in a PETA ad recently. She was shot by noted lensman Farrokh Chothia for the Makar-Sakranti special ad which seeks to impose a ban on glass-coated manjha, to save the birds.

Jiah will be seen in a People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ad, dressed as a wounded bird wrapped in kite string. The tagline of the ad is “Cut the glass-coated manja (string), not birds’ wings”.

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