Looks like Bollywood hottie John Abraham still has a lot of work to do before being able to be called a global movie star. The actor, who’s been voted as one of the sexiest men in the world, was denied admission in a local New York nightclub because he couldn’t prove his identity!

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Guess who was accompanying him over there?

Katrina Kaif, who’s being hailed as the new Bollywood Queen. The bouncers couldn’t even identify her also! She had to rush back to her hotel, along with John, to collect IDs to prove that they are super-stars in India.

“A crew member wanted to celebrate his birthday. He invited everybody to a new nightclub in New York. After a hard day’s shoot, the entire gang left for the night club. While the crew members went ahead in one car, John, Katrina and Kabir followed in another. When they were stopped at the nightclub, John and Katrina told them that they were film stars from India but the bouncers only stared at them. The bouncers had no clue what John and Katrina were talking about.”

The two are in the Big Apple for the shooting of their new movie ‘New York‘, being directed by Kabir Khan.

The night was very much spoilt because of the incident as they took two hours to go to the hotel and come back. Till then, the peak party excitement was over and they didn’t spend much time inside.

Photos: wenn.com