Canadian hottie Pamela Anderson hit the beautiful beaches of Malibu, sporting a sexy two-piece white bikini. She was strolling down the sands with a surfboard by her side.

Pamela Anderson 1

Pamela was spotted without her mysterious man, who was taking full advantage of her falling bikini bottoms just last week, when she was tanning her body.

While we all know how curvaceous her body is and the sole reason of her hitting the limelight after appearing in Playboy, way back in 1989, are her assets, this time around she was sporting a slight pot-belly also. Anderson is known for her fitness routines and that is why she will be appearing in Playboy this year, for the 14th time!

Despite being pictured just a few days earlier looking toned, it appears perhaps Pamela Anderson has had a little too much to eat since. Or maybe she failed to her sit-ups for the day.

Either way, the former Baywatch star took to the beach for another day of frolicking – this time sporting a bit of a pot belly.

Anyways, we will be hooting for the beauty when she plays poker in the prestigious Aussie Millions tournament this week.

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