Bollywood seductress Celina Jaitly is on the cover of the latest issue of gadget magazine ‘Stuff‘. She’s is looking amazingly hot in a dark green figure-hugging dress, showing more than our share of her natural cleavage.

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Gorgeous eyes, luscious lips, breezy hair, finely sculpted nose, finely crafted eye brows that will make you forget paradise! You better trust us when we say that its not just Celina who looks a millions bucks on the cover and the inside pages, but also the lucky gadgets and the gizmos that get to rest itself in the arms of the Greek Goddess!

Cellina has this unique sex appeal which no one can ignore. Her covers have always been very intense and sharp, unlike some others who sell their elegant beauty instead of their body and their perfect curves.

Of course, gadget-freaks can take a break for the exclusive photo shoot detailing, obviously, the latest in the iPod and iPhone world!

Meanwhile, the actress is pretty much excited about playing a stripper in her upcoming movie Showman. Audiences are sure to be entertained with the perfect Bollywood pole dance she performs in the movie.

“I play a half-English and half-Indian girl, who comes from a poor family in London,” she says. “She grows up to be a stripper and a pole dancer in a night club and a con artist.”

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