Former Culture Club singer Boy George has been sentenced for 15 months by a British court for ‘falsely imprisoning’ a male escort at his home in 2007. He is accused of handcuffing a Norwegian man and beating him with chains during one of their meetings after meeting online.

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Boy George, whose real name is George O’Dowd, was accompanied by his friends, family and fans when the sentence was given. The scene was pretty emotional in the court but the singer showed little on his face. He knew what was coming and seemed to be ready for that.

He had earlier denied the charges by saying that he had handcuffed the 29-year old man, Audun Carlsen, because he had tempered with the singer’s computer for some photos and was also HIV positive. He also denied performing oral sex on Carlsen.

‘Whilst I accept that Mr Carlsen’s physical injuries were not serious or permanent, in my view there can be no doubt that your premeditated callous and humiliating handcuffing and detention of Mr Carlsen shocked, degraded and traumatized him.”

George has had his share of convictions before also. He had been arrested for the possession of drugs and was given community service in 2006 in New York for falsely reporting a burglary at his apartment.