The whole unit of Rakesh Roshan’s movie ‘Kites‘ is in India and the guy who’s having the most fun is Hrithik Roshan. We knew that he certainly enjoyed the company of the stunning Latin actress Barbara Mori while shooting in the United States, now all the action is back to Mumbai!

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Hrithik has reportedly arranged the best accommodation and facilities for Barbara in the city. He has even learnt the Spanish language to converse with her and her family.

“Hrithik got acquainted with Spanish through his role in ‘Kites’. However he is such a perfectionist, that in no time he picked up the foreign language pretty well. It’s interesting to watch the two speak in Spanish,” our source added.

The two share a very special chemistry and the last time we heard, Papa Roshan was worried about it.

Meanwhile, Hrithik celebrated his birthday recently with Farah Khan and Farhan Akhtar in a common party. Accompanying him was the Latin lady with her sister. The whole group partied hard and made so much of noise that the neighbors had to call the cops!

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