While it may not sound like a good news to you, but the fact is that Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty will be shaving off her long and lustrous hair for the shooting of some scenes in her first international project ‘Desire‘. The actress hasn’t confirmed it yet so we are just sitting with our fingers crossed.

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“I can’t reveal everything about my role. If I tell you everything now why would you watch the film? But yes, this is by far the most challenging role of my career. It takes me through ten turbulent years of my character’s life. It’s a very intense love story between me and my Chinese co-star, Xia Yu.”

If she says it’s a challenging role for her, then I don’t have much hopes left. The only thing I’m concerned about is that Shilpa is not like Britney Spears or something… she has the looks of a traditional and yet an elegant Indian lady and her hair are an integral part of that. Cutting them off, will make a rather shocking image of her features.

Anyways, this stupid movie, Desire, will go on the floors next month. Shilpa will be playing the role of an Odisi dancer and will star opposite a Chines actor Xia Yu. Malayalam director R Sarath is the man behind this English-language film.

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