Jamie Lynn

strong>Britney Spears’ 16-year old sister Jamie Lynn Spears has just signed a $1m deal to pose with her expected baby for OK! magazine.

“Jamie’s mum Lynne contacted OK! personally after they ran the story on Britney’s meltdown while posing for a photo shoot with them. She thanked them for handling it so well and stayed in touch with the magazine.”

“Lynne and Jamie didn’t want money, but they have signed up for a $1 million photo shoot when the child is born.”

Jamie had earlier shocked everyone by admitting that she is pregnant with boyfriend Casey Aldridge’s baby. The news sparked off a nation-wide debate over teen pregnancy with the whole celeb world joining in the discussion.

It’s also been reported that Jamie and her mother insisted on keeping Britney out of the matter and even Britney admitted today that she was totally unaware of the news until it broke out in the magazine.

“Britney said that she doesn’t want to deal with the media because she is still shocked [about Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy news],” adds the source. “She feels that she needs peace and quiet.”

Jamie Lynn stars as a schoolgirl at the fictitious Pacific Coast Academy in Zoey 101, finishing its third season next month as one of Nickelodeon’s highest-rated shows.

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