Daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, showed off her twin baby girls to the world in the recent issue of a popular magazine. The photos show Lisa sitting on a chair with her 3-month-old girls Finley and Harper.

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“I really wanted these babies,” says Presley, 40, who tried for two years to get pregnant before conceiving the twins.

“My blood was too thick and would clot, which caused several miscarriages,” she tells PEOPLE. “The moment I took blood thinners, I got pregnant.”

Lisa was accused of having bad eating habits when she was photographed with a fat stomach a while ago. She then blasted the media by announcing her pregnancy. Maybe the reporters didn’t think about that because she’d had a few miscarriages. But, now she’s a proud mother of two little girls and her happiness can be seen from the glow of her face in the photos.

She already has a 19-year old daughter Riley and a 16-year old son Benjamin from her previous marriage.

Meanwhile, Lisa defended Scientology, on her MySpace blog, which was under attack from various sectors of society after the tragic death of John Travolta’s son, Jett.

“I am writing this because I have noticed that for the most part, people and the media have been very sympathetic and respectful, but there are those certain ones that want to use this horrible tragedy as an opportunity to once again, blame and-or attack Scientology,” Presley writes in her post.

“Just like anyone else, if one is sick, they go to the doctor, if a medication will make it better then they take it.”

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Photos: wenn.com