Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is the latest one to join the politics as he gets ready to contest Lok Sabha elections on the ticket of Samajwadi Party, a regional outfit who are the main opponents to the ruling Bahujan Samajwadi Party in the state.

The party took the important decision in its central parliamentary board meeting. Dutt will be contesting the polls from the capital city of Lucknow.

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“Dutt told me you are like my elder brother. He said he would do anything I ask him to though he said he was not a political person,” Amar Singh said. “Since we are an ally of Congress, and Dutt’s sister Priya is a Congress MP, we hope Congress will be happy that we are fielding Dutt,” he said.

Although, getting the ticket is very important for a candidate but it’s not sufficient for Dutt as he’s got criminal charges levied on him because of his alleged involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. The legal hurdles need to be cleared before he can even plan his campaign.

Ace defence counsel V R Manohar said: “His nomination will be rejected and he cannot contest unless the Supreme Court stays the conviction and suspends the sentence.”

Dutt is merely out on a bail and the road to the coveted Lok Sabha seat is indeed difficult for him.

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