Rising star Deepika Padulone has really come a long way in Bollywood in just one year. Her first movie was the biggest grosser of all time and just two movies later she was a big star, constantly signing up big budget movies with the Kumars and the Khans. What more? The lady is dating one of the most eligible bachelors in the town!

Ranbir Kapoor 1 2

The latest buzz is that we might be looking at a big wedding happening in the industry. Deepika was recently interviewed about her new movie and her relationship with Ranbir and this is what she has to say about a possible marriage:

“Of course. We have discussed it. But right now both of us need to focus on our careers. What tomorrow holds for us I do not know. I’m committed to my career till the end of 2010.”

Rumors about relationship problems?

“Rubbish! I celebrated my birthday with him yesterday. I’m very happy and secure in my relationship with him.”

Looks like everything’s just cool. I’d love to see that marriage happening… they are just made for each other. In fact, Ranbir has stopped smoking recently just for his love! Reportedly, he had promised her before the new year started that he’d do it and now he seems to have kept on to his promise.

Photos: IndiaFM