When you talk about Shahid Kapoor’s new movie, Kaminay, two things are making the most headlines.

The first one is about Shahid’s new hairstyle, for which the director had restricted the actor to his home and didn’t allow him to attend any social function to keep the hair-do a secret! The other one being Shahid’s chemistry with co-star Priyanka Chopra which he desperately needed after breaking-up with Sania Mirza and allegedly, Vidya Balan.


Apart from that, we hear that Shahid will be playing a double role in the movie. One of them pertains to the character of a gambler who deceits people off their money. The storyline certainly looks interesting!

The producers of the movie are especially taking good interest in the making as the buzz says that one of the executive producers, Mubina Rattonsey, might be the new woman in Shahid’s life.

“Shahid has been close to Mubina from the day he met her. Mubina goes out of her way to take care of Shahid on the sets and is always around him. They hang out together on the sets. They also spend a lot of time in Shahid’s van,” said the source.

Directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, Kaminay will be released in May.

Photos: WENN