Former Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel are quite busy planning for their wedding on January 10th. Fergie is reportedly working out day and night to be in perfect shape for her big day.

The lady was asked to gain some pounds for her new movie ‘Nine‘.

Fergie 4

“It’s hard, I’ve been working out every day,” she said before her New Year’s Eve concert in Las Vegas at The Venetian. “A lot of hiking and doing a bunch of sit-ups, working my butt off and just, you know, try to maintain and stay healthy.”

The cute couple was seen at Lavo in Las Vegas on the occasion of New Year. The mood was certainly romantic as they were even spotted kissing each other on the catwalk.

Fergie played hostess at the bash and giving her company were David Spade, Mena Suvari and Carmen Electra, apart from her fiance. Carmen was spotted changing dresses between the events, the other one being held at TAO.

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Photos: WENN