Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel recently became visibly upset when she was surrounded by Press reporters who were asking questions about her New Year performance and whether it was right for her to do that given that many other celebs had canceled theirs in the wake of recent terror attacks.

Amisha Patel 1

Ameesha then threw a fit and walked out without speaking to any more media persons.

Ameesha was practicing her dance moves for her performance in the bash being held by Country Club resorts. The publicity team had brought in media for some chit-a-chat with the busty actress.

Now, the lady is certainly not going through a good phase in her career. Her recent movies have all been flops and no good offers are in the pipeline… moreover, she wasn’t wearing any make-up. So, obviously she was very uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, there were some reports a while ago about her being married secretly with beau Kanav Puri. But, Patel rubbished the rumors and said that a wedding is certainly not on the horizon for her.

“Shaadi, aur main, abhi nahin!”

Photos: IndiaFM