Anil Kapoor has been a part of Indian film industry for the past 25 years. This is the first time one of his Hollywood movies has done such a great job on box offices in other countries.

Anil Kapoor 1

Anil Kapoor

Slumdog Millionaire is among the top 10 movies in the world right now and is a contender for the Oscars. Kapoor recently talked about this great project and explained his association with Hollywood.

About his selection:

“These things just happen. You don’t even realize and you are part of the whole beautiful journey. When I was approached for the film I was aware of the films Danny Boyle’s made, but I was not aware what a huge director he was. Immediately I met him and signed the movie. I’m the only actor without an audition. I was not chosen because I am a mainstream actor. I was chosen because I could deliver and that’s much more satisfying.”

Though Anil is not the only Indian actor in the movie, his role has been appreciated in particular by the critics. He explains the character he plays:

“A role is very challenging when you know you have just that much to perform. You have to give your best. Here I am used to doing films which have me almost throughout the film. So this was a big challenge. A big risk. My role’s got many shades. Yes, it has negative shades. I play a mean guy.”

Slumdog Millionaire will be releasing in India very soon the next year.

A video of Anil Kapoor is below.

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