Bollywood seductress Celina Jaitley was wowed for her skills when she performed a very dangerous stunt the other day. Jaitley was wearing a mini-skirt while she had to jump off a ten-story building. The actress not only did the job, she didn’t even take help from anyone else!

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Celina Jaitley

The scene was from the movie ‘Run Bhola Run‘.

Director Abbas Ali Mugal says, “Oh! She did an excellent job! These stunts can be very dangerous and it takes guts to perform them. In fact there was a body double ready but Celina was pretty excited. I think she is the first female artist to do such a dangerous stunt. The whole unit praised her after the shot was over.”

Now that’s a real dangerous girl! Celina had help at hand from the training she got from her NCC days in school.

“My life that day totally depended on the entire action team as they were operating the cables from a crane on top of the 10 story building. Even though I have been used to such rigorous training from my NCC days I was still a bit nervous because this time I was jumping in a mini skirt and not military fatigues!”

Meanwhile, Celina is all set to charm the British people as she will be flying to London to perform at a New Year bash in a hotel over there. The event is named Celina Jaitley Nite and she will have the company of Javed Ali and singer Rishi Rich on the stage.

More photos and a video of Celina Jaitley are below.

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