You might have noticed why item girl Bipasha Basu has been out of the limelight for the past month or so. Well, the reason is that Bipasha was pretty terrified about the whole Mumbai terror attack incident as she had lived the experience in real life that day!

Bipasha now comes out of the closet and tells everyone that she was there at the blast site when it happened and was caught up in the situation.

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Bipasha Basu

“It happened at Vile Parle as I crossed the area. There was mayhem on the road as my staff and I sat huddled in our car wondering what to do next. Should we go forward? Or go back? I told my driver to drive in the middle of the road as fast as possible.”

“I’ve been extremely affected by 26/11. I haven’t spoken to anyone about it until now. I don’t know how I can ease the pain of Mumbai. Everyone wants to put forward more than just a point of view. But no one seems to know what to do. I do believe in the mass movement that Mumbai has been seeing over the last three weeks.”

While Basu thinks that what happened to Mumbai with the actions of just ten terrorists was a ‘shame for the entire country’, she feels that the movement to take stern actions is still strong and did not die away in a week or so as she had earlier thought.

“I just hope it continues. If the people’s voice continues to be heard whichever government comes into power will be forced to pay heed and provide us with basic security.”

Meanwhile, the sultry actress suffered a three-hour long ordeal recently when a piece if gravel got stuck in her ear during the shooting of some action sequences in her first Bengali movie. Bipasha had to be taken to Lilawati hospital to get things right.

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