Hollywood’s cutest celebrity baby Suri Cruise is more famous than you would have thought. It is reported that two-year old Suri gets almost hundred fan mails everyday. That’s more than her mom and dad combined!

Suri Cruise 2

Suri Cruise

Most of the letters want to know where she gets her dresses or sparkly Mary Jane shoes. But letters aren’t the only thing Suri is getting in the mail. She’s “a major swag target,” adds the source. “If Suri wears it out in public, it becomes a big seller, so designers are smart to flood her with their wares. She’s the world’s No. 1 fashion plate under 3!

Now that shouldn’t come as a surprise. She looks so cute in whatever she wears! I guess that justifies a hundred people wasting their efforts in sending mail to a fashion icon who can’t even read it!

Sending a toddler that can’t read fan mail is like sending Paris Hilton a condom. Both gifts will just confuse their intended recipient and probably end up in their mouths.

Anyways, Suri was spotted just yesterday going to see the animated flick Bolt with her mother Katie. Dressed in white and dark blue, she was holding her doll while on her way to see the movie about the journey of a canine TV star from east coast to the left.

More photos and a video of Suri Cruise are below.

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