Hrithik and Sussane

Bollywood’s hottest star Hrithik Roshan’s wife Sussane is pregnant with her second child, a gossip blog reported.

The couple already have a boy, Hrehaan and are very excited about their next child, who is expected to arrive next year.

She is the envy of many young women, the target of affection of India’s sweetest and sexiest heartthrob, but Hrithik’s wife Sussane is by no means just a pretty face. Daughter to film actor/director Sanjay Khan and mother Zarine Khan, she grew up knowing Hrithik only as a fellow kid in their celebrity neighborhood.

Sussane and Hrithik became best friends and their friendship soon became love!

The couple is no doubt, one of the most talked about in the celebrity circles because of Hrithik’s status after the success of his first film, ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar hai’, which was an mega hit and one of his latest flicks, ‘Dhoom 2′, also a superhit.

Sure, the lady is enjoying the every moment of her life these days, as the whole Roshan family is at her service and trying to provide her the best comfort they can!

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